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Full Noise Boilys

Our expert mobile boilermakers specialise in repairing and rebuilding excavator buckets, earthmoving machinery and all aspects of fixed plant to prolong their life and performance. With our ability for on-site fabrication our boilys are the experts in:

  • Bucket and attachment repairs and rebuilds
  • Applying new skins
  • Designing and installing full wear packages for dump truck trays, excavator and loader buckets, rock boxes and chutes
  • Repairing broken adaptors
  • Installing wear plates
  • Liner changes
  • Rock box fabrication
  • Conveyor frame fabrication
  • Repair cracks to excavator booms
  • Repair cracks to track frames and chassis
  • Air arc gouging on worn out bushes and seized pins
  • Thermal lancing of large pins
  • Handrail repairs and fabrication
  • Fabrication of heavy replacement components
  • Fabrication of custom stands to fix heavy machinery in place during maintenance

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Fully Equipped

We equip our guys with the best tools for your job. Our Boilys trucks and trailers are fully equipped to carry out any work on site.

Always available

Full Noise Boilys are available for short or long-term jobs at competitive rates. Our guys are available for night shifts to help keep your site running all year round.

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Recent Jobs

Support Structure

 This support structure was prefabricated and installed onsite for a suspended concrete carport and roof structure to be built on top for parking space at a house in Brisbane.

Fishing Trawler

The scope of work was to replace sponsons on this prawn trawler. The customer requested a mix of mild steel and stainless steel to be used for the sponsons. Once these were welded in place a strip of stainless flat bar was welded on top. A lot of other repair jobs were completed at the same time.

Steel Shovel Buckets

Set of 6 steel shovel buckets fabricated and painted to be used on a clients asphalt trucks.

Custom Bucket Ears and Hitchplate

These buckets required custom bucket ears to be fabricated with different pickups and pin sizes. The job required removal of existing ears then new ear sets to be fabricated to customers specs. This required new ear sets to be cut from 25mm plate and new pin bosses to be machined up and installed. All the work was carried out onsite at the customers yard.

Custom Chock Mounts

Custom fabricated wheel chock mounts.

PC300 Repair

Crack repair on pc300 boom support.

Skeleton Bucket Repair

Repaired skeleton bucket for PC400 komatsu excavator.

Conveyor Trestles

Conveyor head and tail trestles Fabricated and painted on site.

CAT 972H Engineered Stand

Designed and fabricated on site with
engineer approved SWL. This was used to support machine during repairs.

CAT 988H

Centre hitch rebuild, reseal steering cylinders, and rebush rear trunnion.

Take Full Advantage of Mobile Welding to Reduce Downtime

In mining and earthmoving applications, on-site needs for custom fabrication are an element of almost every single project; a dependable resource for mobile welding simplifies addressing those needs. Whether you need to augment the number of personnel you already have, or you have a short-term requirement for skilled welding work, where should you look for assistance? The right equipment, experience, and safety knowledge are all essential attributes in any partner you choose. At Full Noise Maintenance, we’re proud to say we tick all the boxes. Whether you need rock breaker repairs or fabrication welding, our highly skilled boilermakers are at your disposal. 

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